Flash Express has risen to become one of the leading logistics companies in the Philippines

Flash Express, the fastest-growing logistics and courier service company in the Philippines celebrated its 2nd year anniversary last August recognizing its remarkable achievements and relevant contribution to the country by providing thousands of jobs, disrupting the e-commerce logistics industry through its advanced logistics systems, educating and giving opportunities to Filipino entrepreneurs, bridging the gap among e-commerce platforms to customers, bringing up discussions on industry’s issues to different government agencies becoming now one of the forefront logistics companies in the country.

Flash Express boasts its main services in the e-commerce logistics business category including 365 Days of Delivery, 95% nationwide coverage, Low Cash-On-Delivery (COD), Easy Payment Solutions, and Advanced Logistics System.

Thousands of Job Opportunities

The company, as of August 2023, employs over 17,000 employees both from its operations and corporate support. Most of the employees are riders, couriers, and warehouse staff with over 12,500 all over the Philippines. Expectedly, the company at the end of the year will increase the number of employees to 20,000.

Disrupting the E-commerce Logistics Industry Through Advanced Logistics Systems

Taking the best logistics practices in Thailand where Flash Express originated, the overall logistics system of Flash Express is supported by its advanced tools and facilities that speed up the customer experience. From the Flash Express app and website’s smooth interface to its back-end support such as the Fast Hand – a compact piece of equipment that captures the parcel’s image and records the precise dimension and weight of smaller parcels; Dimensioning, Weighing, and Scanning, Machine (DWS) – an automated mass and dimensions measuring machine to improve efficiency and accuracy of object size during the packaging process; iData – a handheld device for transportation and logistics operations that is integrated into the company’s main system; Conveyor Belt System – the hubs and distribution centers are equipped with advanced conveyors for fast and efficient operations; Key Accounts System – user-friendly dashboard where Key Account Users can place orders, encode parcel details, track and monitor booking records, call courier riders for pick-ups, and manage sub-accounts to ensure that clients have unique log-in credentials and many more.

Educating and Giving Opportunities to Filipino Entrepreneurs

Aside from catering to the big e-commerce platforms in the country, Flash Express is also serving general customers, business owners, and Filipino entrepreneurs by offering its logistics business services and providing them with programs and business opportunities to boost their business through Flash Home.

Bridging the Gap Between E-commerce Platforms to Customers

As the logistics provider among the top e-commerce platforms in the country such as Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop, among others, Flash Express in recent years has initiated programs and campaigns to educate Filipino customers about the trends and best practices in the e-commerce logistics business. Flash Express has partnered with these platforms to communicate pro-customer campaigns such as “Iwas Scam” campaign, “Todo Arangkada” and many more.

CSR & Discussions on Industry’s Issues with Different Government Agencies

Flash Express is the first-ever express logistics company in the Philippines to initiate an open discussion regarding issues and concerns in the e-commerce logistics industry before the seven Police Chiefs of the NCR Southern Police District last July 2023. The company raises awareness on crime prevention in the e-commerce logistics sector through PNP. Flash Express has also partnered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Bureau of Fire and Protection (BFP), Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Public Employment Services Office – Bulacan (PESO), and other local government units all over the country to discuss all logistics-related concerns.

The company through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) ‘Alagang Flash’, has helped several communities by extending donations to different communities including the cities of Pasig, Tondo, and Manila and other provinces such as Bulacan, Kalinga, Laguna, among others. 

Peng Wansong, General Manager of Flash Express, said that the development of the e-commerce logistics industry has brought great changes and opportunities to the Philippines. 

“As a member of the industry, Flash Express has continuously developed breakthrough innovations in logistics operations since we entered the Philippine Market last 2021. By then, we have fully considered the demands of the market and studied its best practices. We have quickly adapted services to different regional market cultures. For our second year anniversary, the company intends to continue to work with employees, customers, business partners and the entire e-commerce logistics business in the future to provide sustainable opportunities locally and further enhance the Flash Express ecosystem through business-driven innovation. That’s why we wanted to make ‘2loy ang Asenso’ our anniversary brand theme this year.” Wansong said.

Overall, Flash Express has recorded several significant growths over the past two years since it was launched in the Philippines by offering nationwide service availability supported by its hubs, distribution centers, and more than 17,000 employees to back up its operations. Further, there are more than 400,000 registered users who actively use Flash Express services. The company recently recorded 10 Million parcel pick-ups making the company one of the leading logistics companies in the Philippines.

For more information about Flash Express, visit www.flashexpress.ph

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