Ace Water Spa: Metro’s best spot for relaxation and wellness

It appears that the COVID-19 pandemic is finally starting to recede after a grueling two years. It’s time to recapture all of the time, travel, and memories that have been lost now that travel and health restrictions have been relaxed.

Everyone needs a vacation now and again to unwind, and perhaps all you need is a relaxing weekend with your loved ones or a great staycation for just yourself. You don’t even need to travel very far to encounter this.

For a staycation, Pasig City is a highly accessible location close to Metro Manila where you can easily stay. When the idea of taking a lovely break out of town becomes difficult to fit into your calendar, consider taking a staycation or perhaps spending a day at a spa to help you restore your energy from your busy life.

A family-friendly indoor water park called Ace Water Spa provides hydrotherapy massages. In their hot herbal pool, hydrotherapy spa, steam room, sauna, and other facilities, you can chill and unwind. These stations contain nozzles that target particular areas of your body, loosen muscles, and increase blood circulation for healing using heat and water pressure (ultrasonic jet system). They also feature an Olympic-size swimming pool and a kiddie pool if you want to work out.

About 15 minutes from SM Megamall, the Ace Water Spa Hotel and Suites is situated in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. They also offer their guests first-rate lodging and a wide range of dining options.

What to bring

The dress code at ACE Water Spa is rather rigorous when it comes to swimwear. Only tightly fitted swimwear is permitted (preferably made of spandex material). Underwear, shirts, board shorts, and beach shorts are not permitted. Be at ease, though! If you don’t already have swimwear, ACE Water Spa’s pool shop offers the option to rent or buy the necessary attire.

Additionally, you must wear a swimming cap. However, you may also bring your own if you so like. You can store your items in a locker provided by the spa while you are within the spa area.

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Hydrotherapy massage

With its precisely placed aqueous jets, Ace Water Spa’s “Ultrasonic Jet System” uses massage to target parts of the body and relax and soothe sore and tired muscles. You may choose whether you want light, moderate, or hard massages by simply pressing a button on the device, giving you total control over your therapy.

Contrast Therapy Plunge

You can feel the pressure of the water on different parts of your body during a water massage, which is both calming and delightful.

ace water spa

It is a unique hydrotherapy treatment that involves alternating between diving into a hot herbal pool and a cold pool. Your pores will open up in the hot herbal pool, allowing pollutants to escape while also boosting blood flow and tightening your pores. To keep your body temperature and heart rate in a healthy range, alternate immersion is advised.

Kids Zone

Apart from the lazy river, which kids will definitely enjoy, Ace Water Spa also features a special area where kids can engage in activities like playing with enormous water guns and floor fountains.

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A spa day might turn into a weekend-long staycation. For those who also want to have a staycation, Ace Water Spa’s second location, which is in Kapitolyo, Pasig City, is a four-star hotel.

I walked into my room and was immediately amazed. The room was large and had a serene atmosphere. Its enormous king-size bed is accented by fluffy, soft cushions. The bathroom and toilet are spotless and well-maintained. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and dental care are all provided as toiletries. The towels are fluffy and fragrant!

The hotel has a restaurant where guests may enjoy shabu-shabu, all-day breakfasts, ramen dishes, a selection of coffees, desserts, and other mouthwatering treats.

Overall Experience

Making the most of the weekends might be challenging these days because they pass by so rapidly. Finding a plan that will save you time and money is the best way to make your weekend better.

ace water spa

Visit Ace Water Spa Hotel and Suites if you’re looking for an easy method to escape from your routine and unwind from your stressful life. You’ll get a lot for your money, and it’s not just easily available but also extraordinarily affordable. It’s perfect for families and social groups looking for a little respite from the daily grind.

Have you visited Ace Water Spa before? Share your experience in the comments section below.

Rates and How to Reach Them

For the four (4) hours of unlimited admission to all the wet and dry parts of the spa, the normal ACE Water Spa rate is P600.00 for adults and P300.00 for children (4 ft. & under). This allows you to enjoy whichever pools and amenities you choose at your own leisure.

Sit back and let the water ease your tension. Call them at (63) 917-542-5967 for questions, pricing, and more information, or send them an email at [email protected]. or stop by.

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