“Replacing Chef Chico”: Netflix’s First Locally Produced Series in the PH

Indulge in Love's Finest Dish: Netflix's Culinary Love Triangle Unfolds in a High-End Fine Dining Affair.

For us Filipinos, the perfect blend of romance and food creates an irresistible combination, and Netflix’s latest local series serves up a tantalizing love triangle against the backdrop of an upscale fine-dining restaurant. “Replacing Chef Chico,” brought to life by the creative minds of director Dan Villegas, assistant director Joi Bayan, and showrunner Antoinette Jadaone, stars three icons of the local entertainment scene—Piolo Pascual (My Amanda), Alessandra de Rossi (My Amanda and What If), and Sam Milby (A Family Affair).

Taking a peek into the high-stakes world of competitive cuisine, the series trailer introduces us to the main characters whose lives intertwine at Hain, a fictional fine dining establishment known for customizing dishes to reflect the unique life stories of its diners. However, a twist of fate occurs when the titular character, Chef Chico (Milby), meets with an accident, leaving him in a coma. The fate of Hain falls into the hands of his sous chef, Chef Ella (de Rossi), and the newly hired consultant, Raymond (Pascual), whose interests extend beyond just the restaurant.

Speaking at the “See What’s Next” event on September 18, esteemed showrunner Antoinette Jadaone (Fan Girl and That Thing Called Tadhana) revealed that her inspiration for “Replacing Chef Chico” stemmed from her love for food-related shows. She recommended the series for holiday viewing, emphasizing, “I think it’s perfect for the Christmas season because, at its core, it’s about love, friendship, and acceptance. Each episode tells a story of family, friendship, and love, all celebrated over food.”

Both Jadaone and Villegas (Exes Baggage and Always Be My Maybe) expressed their excitement about the evolving media landscape and its implications for the future of streaming and media consumption in the Philippines. “Replacing Chef Chico” was produced for Netflix in collaboration with CS Studios and Project8. Get ready for a delectable journey into the world of love, friendship, and haute cuisine.

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