Batangas Lakelands: Thrilling Adventure Getaway to the South

A safe and secure atmosphere is offered by Batangas Lakelands, an outdoor adventure, sports, leisure, and entertainment park.

batangas lakelands

We all need a brief getaway from the stress and strain in our lives. It’s fortunate that an adventure is only 60 minutes away from Manila. Quick beach vacations have traditionally been associated with the land of “ala eh.” But Batangas Lakelands changed my perception that this place is more than just beaches, kapeng barako, and lomi.

Because of the province’s immense size, it is frequently disregarded, but Batangas offers convenient access to the tranquil Lake Taal through Amore Point, which is only 90 minutes from the city. Furthermore, Batangas Lakelands, a group of properties full of adventures and activities, now provides a variety of ways to experience Batangas in a new and exciting way.

batangas lakelands

The tour of the Batangas Lakelands provides a much-needed break from the deafening noise of the metropolis. The trip is a guarantee that you will refuel and feel better in the great outdoors with your family. 

A safe and secure atmosphere is offered by Batangas Lakelands, an outdoor adventure, sports, leisure, and entertainment park.

Editor’s View

Batangas Lakelands is a 20-hectare active-lifestyle park offering outdoor adventure, sports, leisure, and entertainment activities for both thrill-seekers and leisure visitors. It is situated in a safe and secure environment only 60 minutes from Metro Manila.

Additionally, the park has fascinating locations where you can meditate and connect with nature. The marketing manager also showed us locations where additional amenities will be constructed in order to draw more tourists to the area.

Experience extreme adventure

The Vista Tower, which is located at the entrance of Batangas Lakelands, is one of the two launch platforms for the zipline. The entire Batangas Lakelands property, which hosts a variety of activities for Filipinos of all ages, may be seen from there, as well as Mt. Makiling.

One of the most famous structures in the area is the BLAZE (Batangas Lakelands Awesome Zipline Experience) tower, which serves as the initial launch pad for the zipline as well as other activities like rock climbing and rappelling.

batangas lakelands
Batangas Lakelands Transport Bus (BLTB)

The free bus trip at the Batangas Lakelands Transport Bus (BLTB) is one of the many options to move around the recreation area. Visitors can cycle throughout the park in addition to using the BLTB. There are many different bicycles available for rent in Batangas Lakelands.

We traveled by BLTB to a mountaintop with a view over the Batangas Lakelands and some other sections of the region. The scene was breathtaking and stunning. The lifestyle park features lots of flowers, trees, and shrubs to highlight the beauty of the natural world. We moved along a little walking track that was home to many different kinds of trees, some of which were endemic.

In addition to ziplining, visitors can try wall climbing and rappelling. From the ground, the zipline appeared to be a simple ride, but once you reach the top, either dread or adrenaline will start to take over.  

batangas lakelands

A breathtaking view is available to guests at any time from the 330-meter zipline. A two-way zip line is also available at the park, with the first zip line starting at the BLAZE Tower and the second zip line ending at the Vista Tower.

The wall-climbing and rappelling exercises, meanwhile, were fun and deserving of repetition.

We didn’t miss the opportunity to participate in the outdoor activities at Batangas Lakelands while we were there. We enthusiastically made our way to the airsoft tent, where a skilled expert showed us how to use a pistol and a rifle. There was an archery set up in front of it, allowing visitors to shoot a few arrows at the prepared target. At the time, we channeled our inner Miya from the Mobile Legends video game or Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games series.

batangas lakelands

Other visitors also participated in the leisure biking activity, which offers a variety of bike models to suit their tastes and abilities.

There is a place right next to it where kids can cool off in inflatable pools and engage in activities like futsal, ring toss, magnetic fishing, and more.

The lifestyle park intends to expand its lineup of attractions by including activities like basket boating, koi feeding, kalesa rides, and more.

You are driven to concentrate on what counts when you take the Batangas Lakelands Tour. You also must give in to little pleasures if you want to genuinely enjoy Batangas. The fresh air, the serenity of the daily routine, and the ease of the present. The magnificence was discovered in a brief, euphoric getaway. 

Side trip from Batangas Lakelands

The Marian Orchard is a magnificent 5-hectare sanctuary. On this thoughtfully designed pilgrimage site, you’ll genuinely feel in tune with nature and your spirituality. If you decide to fully participate in the stations of the cross, the location offers several religious statues and prayer areas, trees, beautiful flowers, and a wonderful view of Mt. Maculot as you travel in reflection.

The “Alab ng Pasko” concert serves as the opening act for the Christmas Lights of Batangas Festival, which takes place at Batangas Lakelands from November 19, 2022, to January 8, 2023.

Immerse yourself in the sparkling colors of the Christmas Night Park happening every weekend from 5 pm-8 pm. Entrance is only P100 per person inclusive of biking! You can reach them via email at [email protected] for more information. Follow their official Facebook page and Instagram account for inquiries and updates.

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