Uhaw (Tayong Lahat) by Dilaw breaks Spotify record as the Philippines’ “Most Streamed Local Song in a Day”

Baguio-based indie-alternative band, Dilaw, has set the 2023 Spotify record for the Philippines’ most streamed local song in 24 hours. The group’s melodic single “Uhaw (Tayong Lahat)” even surpassed BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” and Joji’s “Glimpse of Us” number of streams within a day in the Philippines, gaining global traction in Indonesia, United States and Australia.

The six-piece band from the north composed of the core duo of vocalist and lyricist Dilaw Obrero and guitarist Vie Viloria, drummer Tobi Samson, bassist Wayne Dela Rosa, guitarist Leon Altomonte and keyboardist En Altomonte is thrilled to reach a significant achievement together.

“As musicians, all we wanted is for people to listen and relate to our music and our journey, and this record-breaking achievement is simply amazing. We are grateful to Spotify, an audio platform that enables the global discovery of our band and the repertoire of our work. This continues to motivate us to work on our craft and explore new musical possibilities,” shared Dilaw.

“Celebrating local music and building a deeper connection between artists and fans have been a top priority for us. It is incredibly encouraging to see Filipino artists continuing to rise in the local charts and break more boundaries than ever before,” said Kossy Ng, Head of Music of Spotify Asia.

For the past three weeks, Uhaw (Tayong Lahat) has held the #1 spot on Spotify’s Top 50 Philippines chart. After seeing a huge listenership on Viral Hits Philippines, Spotify amplified the band further through its editorial playlist ecosystem and featured them on Tatak Pinoy and magmuni-muni. The band’s popularity showed no signs of slowing down, and eventually clinched a spot in Spotify’s Hot Hit Philippines. With a remarkable increase of more than 200% in followers on Spotify in the past month, it’s clear that more listeners are discovering Dilaw’s musical prowess.

With their artful lyrics, dreamy sonic layers, and captivating vocals, Dilaw takes listeners on a journey to a world that is uniquely their own. Their hit song ‘Uhaw’ describes the thirst for something, whether it be a person, thing, or feeling. As the band continues to create experiences for fans through their music, one thing is certain: Dilaw is a testament that regional talents deserve the global spotlight.

“Dilaw started out as a humble duo from Baguio, armed with nothing but an undeniable talent. We discovered them and knew right away that they had the potential to be something special. Since then, Dilaw has blossomed into a full six-piece band that have the potential to touch many with their unique sound and innovative approach to music-making. Together with Spotify, we are excited to be part of this ride with them,” said Kelley Mangahas, Artists & Relations Philippines, Warner Music Group.

Available on Spotify Premium or Free, listen to Dilaw and discover more Filipino artists on Tatak Pinoy.