Ngong Ping 360 HK offers a 15% discount to Filipinos

Experience one of the world's best cable car rides at the Ngong Ping 360!

Ngong Ping 360 in Hong Kong gives Filipinos a 15% discount at select retail and food shops from Wednesday until the end of 2024.

According to Ngong Ping 360 Managing Director James Tung, this discount is aimed at attracting more Filipinos to visit Hong Kong and experience the cable car system, which is the longest in Asia. Ngong Ping 360 officials were in Manila for their first-ever travel trade and media briefing.

“It used to be that Thailand was our number one source of visitors, but now Filipinos are taking the lead, which is very exciting for us,” said Tung. “That’s why we’re here, aiming to build on this momentum.” Tung met with representatives from Philippine travel agencies and local airlines to discuss this initiative.

ngong ping 360
Ngong Ping 360 Managing Director James Tung

Tung noted that more Filipino tourists are visiting Hong Kong, especially the Ngong Ping cable car and village.

To cater to this growing interest, they’ve partnered with other groups to offer more options, as many tourists now prefer natural sites and scenic views over the usual city skyline.

New offerings include the Tai O Pass, which takes travelers to the waterways of Hong Kong’s oldest fishing village, and the Lantau Sightseeing Bus, which connects various attractions on Lantau Island.

“Guests from the Philippines are now seeking more unique and natural experiences. We offer beautiful, unique natural scenery, and the cable car ride is a major attraction,” said Tung.

ngong ping 360

The Hong Kong Tourism Board reported that the Philippines was the top source of visitors to Hong Kong among Southeast Asian countries last year. In 2023, 763,778 Filipinos visited Hong Kong, surpassing Thailand’s 450,372, Singapore’s 400,029, Malaysia’s 258,191, Indonesia’s 252,432, and Vietnam’s 34,662.

The Philippine Department of Tourism also reported that Hong Kong remains the top international destination for Filipinos. Nearly half a million Filipinos traveled to Hong Kong from May to December 2023, followed by Singapore, Japan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

“The Philippines has always been a very important market for Hong Kong, one of the largest tourist arrivals before the pandemic. Post-pandemic, it has rebounded quickly,”

said Ngong Ping 360 Managing Director James Tung

He also announced Doraemon-themed cable cars and sculptures at Ngong Ping 360 until August this year.

Filipinos wanting the 15 percent discount should present their Philippine passport at the Holiday 360 Information Center in Ngong Ping Village for discount coupons.