Antidote Gin, a French Deligh, is now in the Philippines

Indulge in the essence of Art de Vivre with every delicious sip.

Forget booking a ticket to Paris to explore French delights  – Antidote, the ultimate French gin experience is now in the Philippines! The name ‘Antidote’ poses as a conceptual thought, stemming from Tonic based drinks from the English colonies that exerted taste and healing properties. With Tonic drinks gaining reception and favorability, Groupe Grand Chais De France (GCF) drew inspiration from this historical bit. It mastered the Antidote signature, a gin from a blend of French grapes.

Mr. Fábio Ide and Mr. Chris Brancamonte, distributors of Antidote in the Philippines, expressed their excitement about introducing this unique spirit to the local market. “We are excited to offer Antidote gin to the Filipinos because it brings a unique and high-quality spirit to a market with a growing appreciation for craft beverages. Antidote gin’s distinct flavors and premium ingredients can appeal to the sophisticated palate of Filipino consumers increasingly seeking out new and diverse drinking experiences.” 

Gin consumption in the Philippines is booming largely because of curious consumers, who are open to trying new flavors such as the Antidote.

“We and our team describe Filipino gin drinkers as adventurous and discerning individuals who appreciate the quality and uniqueness of their beverages. They are keen on exploring new flavors and enjoy the experience of trying craft and artisanal spirits. Filipino gin enthusiasts value the social and cultural aspects of drinking, often integrating gin into social gatherings and celebrations. They are knowledgeable about their preferences and are open to innovative blends that can complement the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines”

said Mr. Ide and Mr. Brancamonte when asked about the behavior and preferences of the Filipino gin drinkers.

The arrival of the French-inspired spirit takes the spotlight in the Food & Beverage industry, a gin on the rise that is defined by sophistication and individualism. With every sip of the gin, be ready to experience the epitome of Art de Vivre (the French art of living)

Citron De Course P2,200 This bright, clear gin is a complex blend of zesty lemon, fragrant citrus, and notes of juniper. Enjoy a burst of flavor in every sip!

Orange De Course P2,200 Bursting with sweet notes of Corsican orange and the perfect blend of botanicals to entice and excite your taste buds.

17 Botanical & Spices P2,200 Our unique blend of floral notes, juniper, citrus, and spice aromas will make every sip an unforgettable experience.

Mountain Master P2,200 Our unique herbal liquor blends the smoothness of gin with a bouquet of refreshing herbs and licorice, creating a truly unique taste.

Style Méditerranéen P2,200 A carefully crafted blend of Mediterranean citrus fruits and zesty notes, combined with a subtle touch of lavender.

Among the Gin diversity, Antidote has also swayed the hearts of those who would prefer to go zero percent — alcohol-free and sugar-free. While some may not taste the difference with the 0%, it is formulated as thoughtfully and tastefully as the fellow gin iterations. This gin is produced with water from the Northern Vosges mountains in France and has hints of spice and citrus.

Antidote Gin Botanical Distillate 0%, P1,990 Spices, and ginger appear on the palate with a clean, complex finish of juniper and cardamom. 

The family of Antidote has the classic Gin foundation, compounded with additional and surprising elements of flavors that remind users of Summertime in Europe. From Fruits to Florals, each Antidote is made with the freshest and most exotic components. For Gin enthusiasts, it’s a specially-made drink enjoyed on its own, but for bartenders – it’s a specially-made spirit that heightens the process of mixology. With the myriad of flavors, Antidote has shared the following exclusive recipes that will be a hit for your upcoming get-together to also showcase the versatility of Antidote.


  • 30ml ANTIDOTE Orange De Course
  • 30ml Campari
  • 30ml Red Vermouth 
  • Dried Orange Slices (for garnish)
  • Ice Cubes

In a glass, add your Ice Cubes. Pour in equal parts of the Antidote Orange De Course,
Campari and Red Vermouth. Don’t forget to stir and garnish with a dried orange slice.


  • 60ml ANTIDOTE Citron De Course
  • 15ml Lime Juice
  • 15ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Simple Syrup
  • Mint Leaves (for garnish)

Muddle the Mint Leaves in a shaker. Pour the Antidote Gin Citron De Course, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, and Simple Syrup into a shaker along with Ice. Shake for 30 seconds and strain the mix into a chilled glass. Garnish with a mint leaf and enjoy!

Recently, Aviver International Corporation unveiled the hotspots where you can get your hands on a bottle of Antidote on their Instagram page. Experience the ultimate Gin at Manila’s upscale bars and restaurants like Spritz Makati, Cork Wine Bar, The Palace Manila, and Manila House where they feature several specialty cocktails using Antidote. To indulge in the Antidote Gin experience wherever you are, purchase it online at,, and Lazada.

In celebration of the Antidote Gin launch, there will be ongoing promos on Lazada, valid until June 15, 2024. The promos include free shipping, a 5% off store voucher for first-time customers, and Buy 2 bottles to get 10% off!

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