King the Land Paves the Way for a Heartfelt Lineup on Netflix

From Behind Your Touch to Doona! A stellar lineup of K-Romance Awaits

It’s official: Love and smiles have triumphed once again. The enchanting Korean Rom-com series King the Land has won over audiences worldwide, securing the top spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 Non-English TV chart for two consecutive weeks. This sweet tale of romance and laughter is the new must-watch K-drama sensation.

King the Land paints a charming picture of an heir and a sprightly hotel intern whose lives intertwine in the world of King Hotel. What starts with comic misunderstandings soon blooms into a captivating love story, proving that laughter and love truly make the world go round.

But wait, there’s more! If you adored King the Land, you’re in for a treat. Netflix has a lineup of new shows that are sure to make your heart flutter.

Experience romance with a mysterious twist in Behind Your Touch. This is not your typical rom-com, but a “com-rom” that will be fully packed with laughter. Renowned for her past roles in many romance titles, Han Ji-min portrays a small-town veterinarian with an extraordinary gift of psychometry. As she teams up with a detective to solve neighborhood crimes, expect sparks to fly starting August 12.

On August 23, buckle up for a love story that defies destiny in Destined with You, starring K-Romance stars Cho Boa and K-pop sensation Rowoon. Follow the journey of a high-flying lawyer grappling with a family curse, and a seemingly ordinary civil servant who might just be the key to his salvation.

Next, time-travel back in time with A Time Called You, starring Ahn Hyo-seop from Business Proposal and Jeon Yeo-been from Vincenzo. Watch as Jeon’s character uncovers a love story that transcends time and identity, promising plenty of heartfelt and tear-jerking moments.

Park Eun-bin, the formidable lead from Extraordinary Attorney Woo, is making a remarkable comeback on Netflix, only this time she’s taking center stage as a Castaway Diva. In this unique series, Park embodies Seo Mok-ha, a hopeful singer who becomes a castaway, isolated on a deserted island for 15 years. From the quiet solitude, she reignites her aspirations and sets off on a voyage to become a diva. Don’t miss out on Castaway Diva, a stirring tale of resilience, romance, redemption, and personal growth. 

Finally, get ready to cheer for love in the face of fame in Doona! The incomparable Suzy takes the lead, playing a former K-pop star whose life becomes intertwined with a college student, portrayed by Yang Se-jong. Can their unlikely connection endure the harsh spotlight of celebrity?

Get ready to fall in love, only on Netflix!

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