Get ready for your new era with Pantene!

You can FINALLY achieve ultimately smooth hair with less frizz even after 3PM.

Frizz Struggles and the Price of Settling

It’s the same routine every time the clock strikes three. Our luscious mane starts to lose moisture. Beautiful locks inevitably surrender to relentless frizz. Strands of hair going every which way. That’s just the price we pay for living in a humid, tropical country. Or is it just the price of settling with our ineffective conditioner?

Admit it, most of us have already waved the white flag, thinking all hair conditioners are the same. When was the last time you deeply considered your choice of conditioner?

But deep down, we also secretly daydream (and pray) for those luscious locks still. All together now: “Sana wala nang frizz by 3PM.”

TikTok sensation Charuth knows this frizz struggle all too well. In her hilarious but totally relatable post, we see her repeatedly tossing P1 coins into a wishing well, hoping for freedom from frizzy hair. Haven’t we all been there? 

But if the price for settling for just any conditioner is eternally frizzy 3PM hair for the rest of our days, what exactly is the price we must pay to get that long-dreamed smooth and frizz-free hair?

Are you ready for the answer? Only P1. 

The Best Piso You’ll Ever Spend: Pantene Supplement Conditioner

This is not a drill. You can now achieve Pantene Supplement Conditioner’s ultimately smooth and less frizzy hair without breaking the bank thanks to its limited-time Piso Promo.

Packed with Pro Vitamin B5 and Biotin formula, Pantene Supplement Conditioner repairs hair damage and enhances hair shine. The result? Healthier, fuller, ultimately smooth hair with less frizz all day!

3PM frizzy hair meltdowns? We don’t know her! Change your hair game forever with Pantene’s Piso Promo. Just buy P100 or more on any hair care items at participating GMA retailers and get the Pantene Biotin Hair Fall Control 70mL for only P1.

It’s practically a steal!

Best Peso Ever Spent Stories

In case you need more convincing, let the stunning hair transformations of those who have already made the switch speak for themselves. Explore the “Best Peso Ever Spent” stories on TikTok – inspiring testimonials from those who already availed of Pantene’s Piso Promo and have finally moved on from frizzy, unmanageable hair.

Marking the switch as their Best Piso Ever Spent, TikTok @laragaelan, @tiffanygesmundo and @kimberlytbg have already flaunted their new era of ultimately smooth hair.

Spend Your “Best Piso” Now

You won’t want to wait a second longer.

Our beloved influencers, including Macoy Dubs, Aaron Maniego, Charuth, Ychan, Lynell Lopez, and Belle Rodolfo, are not just echoing the good news of the Pantene Piso Promo; they’re urging us to act fast as this amazing promo is valid until September 30 only! 

The clock is ticking – don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Spend your best piso on Pantene Supplement Conditioner now at participating stores and welcome your new era of ultimately smooth hair with less frizz TODAY! 

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