Barking news: Doggo unveils new dry dog food line and Rei Germar as brand ambassador

The Doggo Dog Food line features two variants: Doggo Beef with Vegetables and Doggo Lamb with Vegetables designed for adult dogs.

As fur parents, fostering a pet’s wellness includes meeting nutritional requirements that vary dog to dog. Factors such as age, health conditions, and size of a furry friend are considered for appropriate feeding that are essential in achieving their most optimal quality of life. Always having one paw forward in all things animal welfare, premium pet care brand Doggo acknowledges this need by introducing their newest Doggo Dog Food line—keeping every canine companion healthy with a satisfied belly.

The Doggo Dog Food line features two variants: Doggo Beef with Vegetables and Doggo Lamb with Vegetables designed for adult dogs. Consciously made for enjoyable consumption, these products boast health benefits that can tickle any fur family’s fancy: infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals and with a high protein content for the ultimate health gain. Made in the Netherlands, with no artificial colors and flavors, and easily digestible are also reasons why this dog food makes the new delicious serving in feeding bowls.

Expanding their offerings with this new launch, CEO Kurt Cheng beams at Doggo’s advancement to becoming a brand for all pet needs, “We feel proud that Doggo is a step closer to achieving our vision of being a one-stop shop for animal welfare with products that promise only the best quality. As we work our way towards that goal, we especially made sure that this new dog food line is a testament of that. It’s at par with standards that fur families can trust.” 

Both flavors come in two varieties, 10 kilograms and three kilograms. Now is the perfect time to spoil some furry friends as Doggo gives 50% discounts on these new bites. For a limited time only, the Doggo Beef with Vegetables retails for P1,799 for the 10-kilogram pack and P599 for the three-kilogram pack. On the other hand, the Doggo Lamb with Vegetables is available at P1,869 for the 10-kilogram pack and P629 for the three-kilogram pack. Formulated with no harmful additives, a fur parent is assured that their dogs can get the right amount of nutrition they need in these packs.

Apart from this exciting treat, Doggo also announced another tail-wagging news. In their ongoing mission of promoting unconditional love for furry friends, content creator and proud fur mom Rei Germar is now Doggo’s newest ambassador to support the same. Known as one of the influential personalities in the digital landscape, Germar’s passion for animal welfare shines through across her platforms.

In her new journey with Doggo, Rei says, “I am truly honored and excited to be chosen as Doggo’s newest ambassador. Dogs have always held a special place in my heart, and being able to represent them and advocate for their well-being is a privilege. I believe in promoting responsible pet ownership, and supporting initiatives that improve the lives of dogs everywhere. I’m looking forward to working with Doggo and their community to make a positive impact in the lives of our furry friends.”

Beyond her fashion pursuits and ‘it girl’ persona, Rei delights in being a pawrent not just to dogs but also cats which is evident in her channels. Fearlessly true and compassionate, the young personality makes the perfect face to represent Doggo Philippines—sharing a mutual passion for pet care.

With the brand and Rei’s new undertaking, Cheng says, “Doggo is a brand that’s rooted in genuine advocacy for pet companionship and welfare. In all that we do, we always anchor ourselves in this very same philosophy. Hence, why we launched our new dog food line together with Rei as the new Doggo Pawmily member. It’s an opportunity for us to prove that we’re here to amplify our goals and that our brand is here to make a difference especially in creating a new top dog standard.”

In for a double surprise, Doggo is here to delight all fur families with a new much and a new face along with it. In all things dog care, the brand ensures that access to top-notch products and services as well as finding the right voice for amplifying it is more essential than ever.

The Doggo Dog Food line is available via Doggo House BGC, GrabMart, Pet Express, Doggo’s official store on Shopee and Lazada, as well as their Viber community.

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