Get close during the holidays: Bid germs goodbye and stay fresh and glowing with Safeguard!

Safeguard is giving an early pamasko with its Buy 1, Get 1 Promo

As early as now, we’re already feeling the pressure of this year’s holidays. It’s only November but our calendars are already fully booked with back-to-back parties, much-anticipated reunions here and there, and catch-ups with friends and families. This 2023 Holiday season is ~giving~ real intense vibes.

With that holiday anticipation, naturally comes the holiday pressure. Aside from lit OOTDs, the desire to stay smelling, feeling, and looking fresh becomes a holiday party essential too. More than vanity and aesthetics, it’s making sure we make the most out of this season of gatherings, and staying close to the people we love the most.

Unfortunately, some holiday party poopers have the audacity to get in the way of these gatherings.

The Holiday Party Poopers: Germs Dirt, and Pollution

Beware of these party crashers and buzz killers lurking in the shadows – germs, dirt, and pollution that lead to dull and dry skin, as well as unwanted body odor.

They instantly ruin our fresh holiday looks, leading to low confidence that makes us distance us from our loved ones instead. When we’re constantly exposed to these elements, how can we stay merry, fresh and glowing this Christmas?

Stay Fresh, Stay Glowing with Safeguard’s Buy 1, Get 1 Promo

Fear not for Safeguard, the trusted companion of Pinoys in germ protection, is making it an early Christmas for all with Safeguard Artic Fresh and Lemon Fresh. You can stay fresh and naturally glowing this season

  • Winter Wonderland with Safeguard Arctic Fresh

In the middle of back-to-back gatherings and non-stop reunions, the last thing you want to worry about is body odor. Thankfully, Safeguard Arctic Fresh has you covered with its superior germ protection formula and extra cooling sensation – your personal winter wonderland hack. 

Embrace the warmth of the season, where you remain refreshingly cool, no matter how lively the celebration gets.

  • Merry, Glowing Christmas with Safeguard Lemon Fresh

Amidst the holiday rush, keep your skin clean with the gentle yet powerful exfoliation formula of Safeguard Lemon Fresh that effectively removes dead skin buildup. 

Now infused with Vitamin C, a skincare ingredient cult fave for its antioxidant properties, Safeguard Lemon Fresh doesn’t just clean, it also pampers your skin, allowing your natural glow to shine through. 

So, go on, get close, and take those non-stop groufies with your healthy-looking skin!

To make the season even merrier, Safeguard is giving an early pamasko with its Buy 1, Get 1 Promo – available until November 30, 2023. Grab one and share the other to your bestie, workada, or your special someone – perfect Christmas gifts!

Netizens’ favorite influencers like Majoy Baron and CK de Leon have already done their early Christmas shopping, sharing how their jampacked days are made fresh, extra cool, and naturally glowing by Safeguard. No wonder netizens like allison.raymundo and leana.ugc have also made their way to the grocery to do some stocking up on Safeguard as they gear up for the holiday season.

Get Closer this Season of Sharing 

Like them, you can also make this season truly memorable by sharing the gift of fresh and healthy skin to your loved ones with Safeguard Artic Fresh and Lemon Fresh.

Get ahead of your Christmas shopping because Safeguard Buy 1 Get 1 is available until November 30, 2023 only. Hurry and dash to the aisles of your go-to supermarket now!

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