Coca-Cola Philippines introduces Minute Maid® Nutri+ with 200% Vitamin C

Coca-Cola Philippines has launched a new beverage innovation – Minute Maid Nutri+ (Nutri Plus) – under its Minute Maid® brand. The new product aims to deliver more benefits to consumers and provide more beverage options in the market. The entry of Minute Maid® Nutri+ reiterates the commitment of Coca-Cola Philippines as a total beverage category, setting the company’s wheels in motion as it begins building its ‘Enhanced Juice’ category in the local market. 

The growing interest and continuous demand for new experiences and products to consume amongst the alpha generation or the Gen Zs has prompted many companies, such as Coca-Cola, to dive deeper into their beverage innovation.

According to Cesar Gangoso, ASEAN and South Pacific East Region Frontline Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Philippines has seen a significant shift in consumer behavior amongst Filipinos. “While we Filipinos pride ourselves on being hardworking and resilient, we are also equally conscious about our health and well-being. This reason alone drove the search for Vitamin C-enhanced products that can support our immune system. Coca-Cola Philippines is proud to offer the new Minute Maid® Nutri+, a beverage that has 200% recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C, presenting itself as a drink that balances delicious and beneficial in one.”

“We have always been steadfast in prioritizing what our consumers want and need. That means crafting delicious, quality beverages and offering people a wide variety of refreshment choices,” added Gangoso. “We’re excited with Minute Maid® Nutri+ and the activities lined up for all juice drink lovers out there.”

The new Minute Maid® Nutri+ comes in a 240mL can, a 330ml PET bottle, and a 1L PET bottle for orange, orange mango, and lemon flavors, and the ready-to-go pack size enables juice drink lovers to bring Minute Maid® Nutri+ anywhere. You can buy the newest juice drink at your nearest supermarket, convenience stores, and mom & pop shops. You can also get it online at the suggested retail price of ₱120 for a pack of 6 cans in 240mL and ₱648 for a pack of 24 bottles in 330mL.

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