Epson partners with ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase for ASEAN International Fashion Week

Epson partnered with 11 ASEAN designers to promote eco-conscious textile printing on the runway, continuing their commitment to sustainability

Epson partnered with the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) for the first time to host the ASEAN International Fashion Week (AIFW) at the iconic ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

The annual fashion event aims to showcase and celebrate the unique style and diversity of the ASEAN region. This year, Epson and AFDS also leveraged the platform to raise awareness on environmentally conscious textile printing. More than 850 attendees, including designers, industry partners, and the public, attended the event.

Sustainable Fashion Runway Showcase

Partnering with 11 designers from AFDS, the Epson Runway Showcase highlighted the reality of sustainable fashion through Epson’s digital textile printing technology. Each designer’s unique pieces were brought to life utilizing Epson’s SureColor series printers, including the SureColor F6430, SureColor F9430H, and SureColor F10030.

The showcase highlighted the possibilities of how innovation and technology can create more eco-conscious practices in the fashion industry. All designers featured in the Epson Runway Show utilized dye-sublimation printers to create their pieces, demonstrating the potential for high-quality, sustainable fashion.

During the opening address, Siew Jin Kiat, Regional Managing Director at Epson Southeast Asia, highlighted Epson’s collaboration with renowned Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakazato. The designer’s avant-garde collection demonstrates advancements in sustainable, printed fabrics enabled by Epson’s solutions. The fabric is now thinner, more flexible, and optimized for printing using Epson’s sustainable direct-to-fabric digital textile printing technology.

Fashion Panel Discussion: Sustainability

In addition to the fashion runway showcases, Epson and AFDS also hosted an insightful panel discussion that delved into the impact and importance of sustainability in the fashion and technology industry.

The panellists for the session included:

  • Desmond Gay, Regional Manager of Commercial Products, Epson Southeast Asia
  • Hayden Ng, President Founder of ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase
  • Rocco Leo Gaglioti, CEO of FNL Network (USA)
  • Aidarkhan Kaliyev, Founder of Aspara International Fashion Week (Kazakhstan)
  • Marianna Micelli, Founder of Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week (Italy)
  • Eduardo Perez Gonzales Ocantos, Fashion Designer for Ocantos (Argentina)
  • Juan Gerscovich, CEO / Creative Director of Industry of All NationsTM.

The session was moderated by Neva Weber, International PR and Media Director of ASEAN International Fashion Week.

Some of the key topics discussed included Epson’s significant advancements in sustainability and innovation within the textile printing industry. Desmond highlighted how Epson’s dye-sublimation printers reduce water consumption compared to analogue printing methods. The dye-sublimation inks are also certified with Oeko-Tex Eco Passport, a certification for the tested absence of harmful substances, thereby improving working conditions. He also emphasized Epson’s commitment to achieving carbon negativity and becoming underground resource-free, noting that all electricity used at Epson-owned sites globally now comes from renewable sources, cutting 400,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. Desmond also shared Epson’s future plans, including constructing the first biomass power plant within the next three years, further solidifying their dedication to sustainable energy solutions.

Pop Up Store

Epson’s Exhibition at the ASEAN International Fashion Week

Epson partners with ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase for ASEAN International Fashion Week

Beyond catching a glimpse of the latest fashion collection on stage, fashion enthusiasts could also try on the runway pieces and purchase them. As part of the pop-up store, the public could view the exhibition of Epson’s textile printers—SC-F6430H and SC-F130—that support textile production and bespoke gift productions. It was an engaging experience for the public better to understand the cutting-edge technology behind the innovative printers.

“At Epson, we believe that innovation and technology play a crucial role in driving positive change in the fashion industry. Our products are designed to address the varied needs of both commercial and industrial sectors, strongly emphasising supporting people and protecting the environment. Additionally, our extensive collaboration with AFDS is a testament to our commitment to raising awareness and driving the adoption of eco-conscious printing practices in the fashion community. We look forward to fostering a more sustainable future for generations to come,” said Masako Kusama, President and Director of Epson Philippines.

“We are thrilled to partner with Epson again to bring sustainable fashion to the centre stage. The partnership allows us to spotlight a fashion collection representing the region’s essence while raising awareness on sustainable circular fashion practices. We look forward to a long-term partnership with a shared vision for the future of fashion and technology,” added Hayden Ng, Premier Founder/Singapore Fashion Ambassador, ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase.

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