Five types of billers you can pay via Metrobank Online

With everything on your to-do list, paying bills should be the last thing you worry about. This is why Metrobank is making it easier for its users to complete their bill payment transactions with over 700 billers available anytime, anywhere via Metrobank Online, its internet banking platform. And unlike your go-to e-wallets or other online banks, you can enjoy this convenience without having to pay for any transaction or service fee.  

With Metrobank Online, settling your monthly utilities or your credit card dues – even those from other banks – is a breeze. To make your experience even better, you can also schedule your bill payments on your preferred date and time, and set automatic payments for recurring bills so you won’t have to miss a due date! 

On top of your usual electricity, water, telco, credit card, and government dues, you can enjoy this added convenience and ease with a slew of other billers. Here are a few types of bills you can also pay with Metrobank Online:  

Healthcare and Insurance 

After we experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, health has become a top priority for everyone – making insurance and health cards essential. Metrobank makes it easier to settle insurance bills like AXA Phils, PRU Life UK, and Sun Life of Canada; and health cards like Maxicare Healthcare and MediCard Philippines Inc, and more, anytime, anywhere via Metrobank Online. 

Loans and cooperative billings 

Paying for loans, be it with lending institutions like Home Credit, or with community-type credit unions like San Dionisio Credit Cooperative, is also much easier via Metrobank Online. With this, you no longer need to travel to branches or payment centers to settle dues – all you need is to log in to your account on the Metrobank website and complete the payment process online.  

Properties and real estate  

If you’re looking for ways to easily pay for your property, Metrobank Online allows you to settle dues with the top developers in the country, including DMCI Project Developers, Filinvest, Federal Land, Bria Homes, and even condominiums like Rockwell Residential Tower, The Grove by Rockwell Condo, and many others. You can also pay for your Pag-IBIG loan dues on this platform. Set these as recurring payments on Metrobank Online, so you can easily tick this off your monthly to-do list! 

Tuition fees 

Whether you’re paying for a grade schooler’s tuition fee, or for your MBA, Metrobank Online allows you to settle fees with schools all over the country – including select STI branches, De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila Business School, Far Eastern University, Xavier School, and many others.  

Donation to Charities 

Supporting causes that you care about is made more convenient by Metrobank as you can easily donate to organizations like UNICEF, Red Cross, Christ’s Commission Foundation, and more, via Metrobank’s online platform.

Enjoy ease, convenience, plus zero rates when paying your bills with Metrobank Online. To view the full list of billers available on this platform, check out

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